The Benefits Of Cigarettes

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More than 45,000 human beings are dyeing per year because of something that carries more than 7000 chemicals, some of which cause cancer. Cigarettes are very bad for a person’s health. It is heard commonly, but not many people really care about this problem. Making the sale of cigarettes Illegal would solve the problem thoroughly. The production and sale of cigarettes should be illegal so that more people can be saved from death.
The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal because cigarettes are having a negative impact on society, they harm non-smokers by second hand smoking and cause many serious health risks.

Now more than 15 Billion cigarettes are being purchased every single day. Smoking causes lots of problems. More than 45,000 premature deaths occur each year because of the use of cigarettes. A human being dies every 8 seconds because of smoking. If deeply thought about, it is very bad. Smoking cigarettes is a very critical and dangerous problem that is rising everyday all around the world. (Rettner, 2013)
Cigarette smoking includes many health risks including heart attacks and loss of eye sight. Cigarettes contain deadly chemicals which can harm a person’s body in a way one probably can’t even
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Cigarettes even have an effect on nonsmokers, it is something called second hand smoking. Second hand smoking is what includes more than 7000 toxic chemicals and more than 60 chemicals which cause cancer. Even if a person doesn’t smoke, cigarette still harms human beings. Cigarettes carry tons of toxic chemicals. Some which are so crucial to an individual’s health. Second hand smoking is the burning released from tobacco. It is basically smoke that is released from a cigarette. Second hand smoking carries many dangerous toxic chemicals. Some of them are known to be ingredients to some everyday
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