One World Essay: Smoking and Cardiovascular Health

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Smoking is one of the major reasons that cause illnesses and diseases. There are a variety of illnesses and diseases caused by smoking like cancer, coronary artery disease, and more. The main disease caused by smoking in the present time is cardiovascular diseases. This essay will cover about how science is involved in smoking and cardiovascular health, benefits and limitations solving the problems caused by smoking, political factor and ethical factor about smoking and cardiovascular diseases.

Cigarette is mainly made out of tobacco. Tobacco contains a massive amount of harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, acrolein, nicotine and much more. When people smoke, the chemicals enter their body. Also, the tobacco smoke releases so other people could receive chemicals if close the to the smoker. These harmful chemicals can cause many types of illnesses and diseases, and some of the diseases could often lead to death. Also, cigarette smoking is very addictive because the tobacco contains nicotine which makes the user addicted to smoking. Cigarette smoking is a currently worldwide problem and should be reduced everywhere because it is the number one killer in the world.

Science has been effective on solving this problem by trying to create new drugs/medicines and new surgery methods to help cure varieties of cardiovascular diseases. Surgery’s like coronary bypass surgery is a cure for coronary artery disease.

There are several benefits for the solution of cardiovascular diseases. Firstly for surgeries, some of the potential benefits are reduced injury on the heart, lower death rate, and fewer heart problems. Surgery methods have developed as time passed and the success rate for most surgeries has increased. Also, patients would need less need for transfusion due to the development of the surgical equipment.

Another benefit is that medicines and drugs have been created to prevent or minimize any types of cardiovascular diseases to occur. Since medicines are cheap compared to surgeries, it is easy to buy and it is very easy to consume.

There are also several limitations to the solution. Most surgeries related to cardiovascular diseases success rate is very high but there is a chance of failing. If the surgery fails, very likely, the patient will die. During surgeries, there are risks. Some of the risks are bleeding, infection, stroke, kidney failure, or lung complications.

Another big limitation is the cost of the surgery. Cardiovascular surgeries require a lot of equipment, which costs a massive amount of money. The patient will usually have to pay a lot of money.
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