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  • Smoking

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    is it that 18.1% of Americans are smokers? The percent may not appear very large, but this number estimates to 42.1 million people (Smoking). Statistics show that the majority of smokers, started from an early adolescent age. The highly addictive stimulant of nicotine makes it troublesome to quit the habit. Although many are aware of the dangers and warnings of smoking, they persist on to grasp a cigarette and puff away. Cigarettes and all tobacco products should be outlawed because they impair health

  • Dangers of Smoking

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    old for men. A major cause of this is smoking. With the young in particular smoking is much more popular than it used to be. In October 2008, it was estimated that one third of 16-24 year olds smoke. This figure is at a 10 year high. In between the ages of 16-19 it is found that girls are more likely to smoke than boys. This has been recognised as a major issue for the country and there are several things being done to try to stop it, such as the smoking ban in public places which was enforced

  • smoking and cancer

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    The smoking and cancer relationship has for so long been an argument between the manufacturers, consumers, and public health experts/scientists. The Doll and Hill (1950) report was an eye opener,1 that made the cigarette manufacturing companies admit but not completely concede to the cause and effect. Because of these companies flip flopping, there is still confusion about the link between smoking and its effects with respect to causing cancer.2 The experiments that have been performed so far have

  • The Problems with Smoking

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    Smoking can be an addictive drug to quit consuming. Creating bonds between smokers often strengthen the addiction through peer pressure. Among the top five social issues of our nation, smoking ranks second (Admin). Smoking is an addictive drug that contains over seven thousand chemicals that could permanently harm your body and shorten your life expectancy. Smoking is a social issue that can begin with peer pressure and lead to addiction. Nicotine is the contributor to addiction. Although there

  • Smoking

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    000 people die from smoking. Over eighteen percent of American adults smoke, which is about 42.1 million people. My grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2003 and passed away April 12, 2003. He quit smoking over twenty years earlier, but because of the second hand smoke of his wife and all the years of him smoking nothing could save him. Smoking is vicious and addiction and I do not know why anyone would want to start it or use any kind of tobacco products. Smoking is the leading cause

  • Smoking

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    Smoking In the year 1973, 11 years prior to my birth, my grandfather made one of the most important decisions in his life. In the cold wind of March, my grandfather stood outside of Coon Rapids Bayard High School and smoked his last cigarette. That fall my mom and her sister Eileen had made a deal with my Grandpa that if their team made it to the Iowa Girl’s State Basketball Tournament he would give up his addiction to nicotine. This addiction to nicotine had haunted him since his days as

  • Smoking

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    The effect of smoking on human health has been the focus of extensive research worldwide for some time. It is perhaps no surprise that research continually shows that nicotine creates a strong dependence that is very difficult to break. In fact, the use of nicotine has been shown to destroy the lining of lungs, hasten the onset of emphysema, and in many cases, cause lung cancer. Nevertheless, the age group most likely to begin smoking and the least likely to kick the habit is that of teenagers. More

  • Smoking

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    Smoking Introduction Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. Smoking has been proven to be very dangerous to health. Nonetheless 40 % of the population smokes. Actually I am a non smoker, although I used to be a smoker. Most people try out smoking when they are young ; many youths think smoking is a good grown-up habit. Furthermore many young people begin smoking as an act of rebellion and independence. Young smokers start smoking at their age of 12 or 13 just to get a

  • Smoking

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    Smoking Some people neither care about their own nor other people's health. People do things everyday without caring how it will affect them or others. One of the things is smoking openly, especially in public places. Approximately one-fifth of all deaths in the United States can be blamed on smoking. Cigarette smoke delivers more than forty known cancer-causing chemicals. There is also compelling evidence that regular exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke threatens the health of

  • smoking or non-smoking

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    people are seeing the true dangers of smoking and are willing to stand up for their health. When making dinner reservations, you expected to be asked you smoking preference. However in 2007, Knoxville began pushing a law that would extinguish that question forever. The law to ban smoking inside restaurants and public places shocked many. Businesses became fearful of decreased revenue, knowing that smoking patrons would no longer go to restaurants where smoking was no longer allowed. When the restaurant