Quit Smoking For a Better Future

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Thousands of deaths in United States of America alone are smoking associated. Smoking reduces the life of an average smoker by 12 years. According to WHO, Smoking is estimated to cause 10 million deaths worldwide per year by 2010. Smoking has many hazardous effects on both smokers and the people around smokers. It’s damaging the environment and contributing to the global warming. Being a dentist it’s my responsibility to discuss the damaging effects of smoking and persuade everyone to quit smoking or to never start smoking. First, let us start with the effects of smoking on smoker’s body. Smoking causes lack of oxygen supply to the brain, which leads to strokes. Chemicals such as Nicotine in the cigarette, increases blood pressure and carbon monoxide causes the cholesterol deposits on the artery wall. All these add up to the increase the risk of heart attack. Increased blood pressure has marring effects on the kidneys. Hydrogen cyanide and other chemicals attack the lungs, causing chronic smoker’s cough. Smokers are 10 times more prone to lung cancer. Smoking causes bad breath, teet...

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