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877 words

Many actions have been taken on vaping and cigarettes, such as only allowing people over or at the age of eighteen to buy the product and putting warning labels on products. The serious issue is there needs to be action applied to the fact that these products can kill a human being. There is a wide variety of policies trying to be passed for vaping and cigarettes. A vaping regulation is trying to pass making all vape companies to carry products similar to products back when vaping firs started. This could cause the vaping market crash, making people lose money, and most important jobs. Some actions should be taken on tobacco products because of the risk of getting cancer in it is high. People vape everywhere in today’s society, blowing a massive …show more content…

There needs to be a policy to ban cigarettes, it kills the smoker, in addition, could kill the person exposed to the smoke from cigarettes. “The cigarette is also a defective product, meaning not just dangerous but unreasonably dangerous, killing half its long-term users” (Proctor), cigarettes are not healthy in any way making it a defective product, it mainly kills the smoker rather than helping them. It was produced to be inhalable smoke harming anyone who smokes them making it a defect because in the past the tobacco was too harsh to be inhaled. The policy would help cigarette smokers, especially since they don’t even like the habit of smoking cigarettes, knowing it harms them. Banning vaping products from public would cause many questions on why cigarettes aren’t banned in public. In addition, vapers would think cigarette companies paid the government to ban vaping outdoors, or banning products made after 2007 because they are losing money and business from vape products. This would cause people to start smoking cigarettes again, which would cause more people to die annually, more people will be at the risk of having cancer, and kids would still be exposed to

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that vaping and cigarettes should be banned because they can kill a human being. vaping regulation is trying to pass making all vape companies carry products similar to products back when it started.
  • Explains that people vape everywhere in today's society, blowing a massive amount of smoke that lingers in the air and could cause people nearby to cough or even children nearby could cough.
  • Explains that cigarettes are the deadliest thing on the planet in today’s society, and that a policy to ban them would help cigarette smokers.
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