The Basics of Lacrosse

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Spring is a great time to get started in Lacrosse. It is a sport that is rapidly growing through the U.S., mainly in the east, but catching on everywhere. It is much different than anything you have seen with a combination of hockey, football, and soccer. You’ve got to try this one-of -a-kind sport, but first you must know the basics, checking, history and the continuous rules and penalties. Lacrosse Basics Shooting is a fundamental part of the game lacrosse. It’s important to learn the different styles, techniques, and tactics of shooting to improve your game. Positioning your body is important. Make sure your elbows are facing the goal when you shoot the ball. If you are throwing with your right hand, use proper shooting technique and step with your left foot first. If you're a lefty, than step with your right foot. Position your hands in a way that feels strong. You should have one hand on the very bottom and the other a few inches above. Choose a spot that fits the feel that you want. Make sure you feel strong about the position. It will help you make the perfect shot. When you aim to shoot, look at your target. You should see all the four corners of the net and away from the goalkeeper. If you've noticed that the goalie has a weaker side, shoot for that side of the net. This will most likely give you a better chance at scoring. Once you step and aim, follow through. A strong follow through is what will add the speed and power you will need. Catching is a fundamental skill the most needed in lacrosse. Without knowing how to catch, you will never be able to get the ball down the field. Catching a lacrosse balls takes a lot of concentration. You also need hand-eye-coordination. You need to focus on the ball as it co... ... middle of paper ... ...anguage. It was actually never called lacrosse until the Canadiens observed the game and created a name for it themselves. This winter, don’t just sit inside and do nothing. Start practicing all the skills you will need to start your experience. Learn more about this interesting sport. You know you want to try it. Go in your basement and throw a ball on a flat surface and catch it over and over again. Buy a goal or even build one so you can raise up your shooting speed and accuracy. Play with a friend. Practice checking each other and doing some mini drills. If you are thinking about playing midfielder, start perfecting your faceoffs. Why not just go to your local library and read up on even more skills and history of Lacrosse. In conclusion, Lacrosse is the ultimate sport for anyone. Men, Women, Boys, or Girls. What are you waiting for? Get up and enjoy the game.
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