Cheer leading .vs. Lacrosse

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Comparing two very different sports, Cheerleading .vs. lacrosse. Out of the two sports Lacrosse is more athletically challenging and competitive sport. While cheerleading is also a athletically inclined sport it does not require as much training. I personally prefer to play lacrosse because I like to be involved and more active. By the end of this paper I will prove that lacrosse is the better sport. The equipment/outfit between lacrosse and cheerleading are very different. In cheerleading you have a crop top, shell, skirt, spanks, and cheer shoes (shoes that have a flat bottom). The reason cheerleaders have this outfit so they can flip and do stunts. It is very uncomfortable because it is tight and short. The crop tops are usually hard to move your arms in. In Lacrosse you have a jersey, skort, cleats, head gear (protects eyes), lacrosse stick, mouth guard,and gloves (which are optional). Lacrosse players have cleats so they have grip on the ground. They have eye gear so that if they don’t catch the ball or don’t see it coming the ball won’t hit their eyes. They hav...

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