The And Educational Framework Of A Maters Prepared Nurse Leader

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Intro In anticipation of successfully navigating through Grand Canyon Universities’ required proficiencies and educational framework of a maters prepared nurse leader, it has never been more apparent of the educational similarities shared by those who accepted this career path. In interviewing this writer’s co-worker T.C, a Leadership prepared advanced level nurse; this writer acquired an in-depth perspective on her decision to further her career. Likewise the exploration of competencies her educational institutions formatted toward successful completion of a leadership degree. In addition there was an exchange as to the navigation from a generalized nursing preparation to one of an advanced level practitioner in the workforce. Employment history Likewise T.C maturated successfully from an associate level prepared nurse, working in community health while simultaneously completing a baccalaureate degree in a local city college. To after thirty- six months of working in community health and long- term care, T. C completed the necessary course work to become a medical- surgical nurse. She worked as baccalaureate prepared nurse in medical- surgical while sporadically stepping in as the lead nurse for fifty- two months. Following a care in medical- surgical she developed an entry level proficiency in clinical skill, decision making, critical care and general knowledge of complex modalities which eventually lead to an eight year career in cardio thoracic nursing then to critical care. The exposure to complex health modalities while working independently and being exposed to leadership role in medical-surgical is where T. C stated she realized her desire to become a nurse leader. Admittedly so she states the path was not so clear ... ... middle of paper ... ...ion while attempting to maintain employer relations and most importantly patient safety in accordance to whichever credentialing body governs the practice. Conclusion In interviewing my co-worker T.C, it was favorably shared that the framework for the leadership prepared nurse consists of outlines that seize the clinical competency, understanding and aptitudes that govern the practice of these nurse leaders. Her philosophy on what make a nurse leader is as follows, in order to be dynamic the nurse leader must attain competency in business management and general leadership. Favorable to Grand Canyon University mission states they “prepare nurses to become an advanced critical thinker, effective communicator and responsible leader by providing an academically challenging, values-based curriculum”. (Grand Canyon University, 2015, par 1).

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