The Actual Cost of Food

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Food is something each and every person is faced with making decisions about on a recurring basis. From the meat and dairy products to the packages of pseudo-food being consumed on unprecedented levels even the tasteless colorless vegetables being thrust at consumers every time they enter a grocery store there are many choices to be made. Not everyone approaches the question of what to eat in the same way. Most people will think about what sounds good, what seems the easiest, or for many what is the cheapest. The everyday decisions made about food and what to eat have an enormous impact. The influence the agricultural market has on everyday life is much greater than many people realize, including the vast effect on local economies, public health, and the environment both locally and globally. Conscious and purposeful eating becomes vitally important when addressing these pressing concerns. When the question becomes why to consume instead of what to consume many changes can be made to promote positive change.

The first step to solving this enormous problem is to eat with purpose. Making conscious and informed decisions about food is critical to the solution. Considering the source of the food is a major component to purposeful eating. One aspect to take into account is the recipient of profit from the purchase of food. In the article “Slaughterhouses and Processing” found on the website it says that “as of 2005 four companies controlled the processing of over 80% of the country's beef…” (par.1)The same is true of the chicken and pork industry. This means that there are not a significant number of people profiting off the sale of these products. If a farmer is not affiliated with one of the top companies like...

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