The 21st Century

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While there are many things that make the 21st century a notable period of time, there are also flaws that are impossible to understand why it happens. There are 10 things that were particularly interesting, and seemed to be unique to our century-Remote controls, brands, cars, politics, war, Chinese manufactured products, economy, the news, bullying, the end of the world, and drug abuse. All of these have elements that make people wonder what the problem with people is in this century.

The first example is remote controls. What a great invention- people merely need to press buttons to take advantage of a television set now. However, it also created a great paradox. People spend hours looking for the remote for their TV sets when it is an extremely simple matter to walk up to the TV and press the power button. This proves that people are simply lazy to such an extent that the only time they are actually diligent is when people have to be diligent in order to be lazy.

Another major question lies in brands. People pay attention to brands so much, it becomes the biggest factor in pricing an object. A computer with the apple sign costs ten times as much as a similar product, a Louis Vuiton handbag costs soar higher than the price of a Rolex watch, and designer shoes cost a fortune to buy-when something without that brand of similar quality costs a lot less. It seems that people pay more attention to the sign that states the product is good rather than whether the product is worth its exorbitant price tag.

Cars are another factor that is a major issue. People buy cars like shoes recently. When they don’t like the car anymore, they simply go get a new one. When the Toyota recall scandal broke out, people with Toyotas that weren’t ...

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...their efforts.

In conclusion, the 21st century would be as Charles Dickens says in “The Tale of Two Cities,” “it is the worst of times, and the best of times…” While technological advances make life easier, such advances cause unbelievable incidents such as looking for the remote for hours, buying bags the price of cars because of the brands, changing cars like shoes, having inane political situations, pointless wars in the Middle East, everything people use manufactured in China, absurd economical solutions, non neutral news channels, pointless bullying assemblies, people talking of the end of the world, drug and alcohol problems all over the place, and many other paradoxes one wouldn’t even be able to list in a day. However, people try to make the best out of the time, and compared to all the good things about the 21st century, the issues are relatively little.

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