Technology: The Positive Effects Of Technology And Negative Effects

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1.2.3 Negative Effect’s
Health Problems
Technology is causing a lot of health issues to children’s. Due to increasing use of gadgets today’s children are suffering from a lot of different health issues like, back pain, neck pain, weak eyesight, hallucination, loss of hearing caused by overusing of headphones/earphones and etc. Furthermore, due to less physical activities, obesity can be seen common in today’s children. Seemingly, playing too many video games can cause tendonitis, which is a strain injury caused by the repetitive pressing of the thumb to press different buttons on the controller or on the mobile phone. A child/teenager can also experience depression and stress caused by playing too much rage and strategic video games or using
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Due to overused time on their gadgets, today’s children waste their valuable time and prefer connecting with friends and family through the use of, massaging, chatting and video calling. Most children nowadays engage themselves in the virtual world instead of the real world which could be pretty dangerous to their psychological aspect and to their brain. Furthermore, communication skills could also deteriorate because of many children not having face to face conversation with other people or so. Cyber bullying has also increased drastically over the past few years which is a think of concern of us, teenagers tend to use internet for their dark malicious and menacing purposes. They tend bully people through the use of internet and say things that they won’t say in person. Due to increase in cyber bullying they are more cases of teenage suicidal rates and deaths. People who get bullied tend to acquire stress, depression and torment which is a negative effect to their psychological aspect as well as to their social and communication skills.
Impact on Academic Performance
Technology has a great impact on the academic performance of a child. As much it’s an advantage for some, it’s also a curse for the other’s. There are many technological gadgets to which a child gets addicted to, using it more than they study and not caring about their studies, which can cause wastage of a great deal of valuable time. This results in
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Due to the rapid growth of technology it is really unavoidable for children these days to take their eyes off their gadgets. Instead of using their gadgets and internet for productive and creative purposes, they use it for adult content and for their malicious intent. Children’s these days tend to behave badly with others and starts using malicious and abusive words towards others. Expose to sexual content which is a normal thing on the internet and among teen these days is very alarming to their views and perception towards others. Teenagers could also get prone to sexting, which is usually sharing nude pictures of their sexual organs or their other parts of body to others. Media could promote violence among developing minds of teenagers which will force teenager’s to be more violent and vicious towards other. Likewise, in this modern age media can manipulate your mind and can pursue you to do anything they like. Video games can also promote violence among certain teenagers and individuals. Playing some violent games like the first person shooting games can really promote violence and bad behavior on children and teenagers. Playing games like “Call of Duty” and “GTA 5” itself can change the view point teenagers and children on others. According to a research, those people who are addicted to playing
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