The Effect of Video Game Violence on Physiological Desensitization to Real-life Violence

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As the time passes, technology is expanding and developing many creative ideas. Unlike past, nowadays we have computers, TVs, internet, and many inventions that contain bad and good effects on us. Children used to interact with society by hanging out and playing sports with each other, but now as we can see a big percentage of children who play video games for many hours daily. Addiction controls life of people, there is addiction to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or gambling, and there are some forms of addiction associated with modern life, such as Internet and video games. Most people think that video games are harmful and waste of time. As a result, the main question of the research is how video games can influence on children and many minor questions come to mind about video games: Do video games influence a child’s psychological development and make them more aggressive and violent? Do video games affect a child’s grades? What are the influences of video games on children? Many people don’t have much information about video games and how video games may effect on people’s behavior, health and mind. This report offers information on the influences of video games on children and how it will affect their behavior and mental health. This report will analyze each individual information source and will provide a review of the findings. The report will interpret both good and bad effects of video games on children. Scope The purpose of this report is to know both the good and bad influences of video games on children’s behavior and mind. Parents aren’t aware of what video games may led their children to, thus an informative report was required to give insights about this important topic. Methodology This research was conducted u... ... middle of paper ... ...ain and the health. In fact, violence video games influence children’s behavior badly, thus the child led to be aggressive. Many parents suffer from video games, due to the influences of it on their children. It is a really important topic because many parents are suffering from the influences of video games and I personally know a friend who had epilepsy from playing video games for a long hours daily. Recommendations Video games have both good and effects, but bad effects were greater. Limiting the time of playing video games and choosing the right type are the solutions of the elimination of bad effects on children. Thus, moderation between playing video games and playing sports or doing extracellular activities will benefit the child. Another important point would be avoiding violent video games because they influence children’s behavior in an aggressive way.
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