The Effects of Technology on Students

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The Effects of Technology on Students

Change is constant. Though one may not be able to see the change, one can look back through the course of a year or maybe even a few months and see the change. Technology has transformed with our culture. There are many benefits for students with the new advancements of technology.

Teachers have seen many of these benefits with the influence of technology on their students. Many students find a sense of accomplishment when working with technology. Students are now more willing to write and work on computational skills (Estey). Then students find these tasks appealing and are able to achieve more.

Another area that technology has impacted is the expansion of the learning environment. It allows students access to primary source material they could not otherwise see, information they could not otherwise find, places they could not otherwise go, and different opportunities for collaboration and team learning they otherwise could not have (Miller 44). Students who have disabilities or transportation problems benefit from this technology. Students are able to do research from their home rather than going to the library. Pages of information can be available to students from across the nation with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Students in a Chicago suburban elementary school recently used technology to explore the history of Ice Age animals in Illinois. Using the Internet, they “traveled” to the Illinois Sate Museum (200 miles away) and the Brookfield Zoo (10 miles away) to gather information and talk with experts via two-way video. The students constructed an electronic database to organize and analyze their information and shared their findings with students outside ...

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God may be praised through Jesus Christ.”

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