Violent Video Games and the Effects on the Youth

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Violent Video Games and the Effects on the Youth Today our world is surrounded by technology and new inventions that make our lives better. Some of the most popular of hobbies among children and teenagers are video games, but what many people don’t know is that they are bad for them. Violent video games in particular have been proven to not be appropriate for the age groups that play them and to have a negative effect on school, social behavior, and increase aggression. Kids who play violent video games are influenced to ignore the consequences of violence. Anne Harding from CNN says that “when your exposed to violence day in and day out, it loses its emotional impact on you” (web). This tells us that our growing society of technology is in greater risk for new violent generations. Furthermore, “Electronic Gaming Monthly” also thinks that “The implications are serious for an increasingly violent society and that these students will do more and more bad things” (Kusher, web). The author is making an inference that as the gaming community grows, so does the danger of violence. Clearly, we need to head the warnings that are given from these reports to protect our society. Several studies and reports show that videogames also stimulate bad behavior. An article from “New Scientist” shows that “Unequivocal evidence from a wide variety of studies show that in the short term, exposing children to violence in movies, TV, video games, and music increases physical and verbal aggression” (“Bad Influence”, web). This negative influence is going to have a huge change on how kids and teenagers act towards individuals. The International Journal of Phycology says that, “Adolescents who play more mature rated games were more likely to engage in b... ... middle of paper ... ...ial skills when compared to students not addicted to games” (Boyce,web). The that the influence of video games has even reached as low as elementary schools should be disturbing. In addition, compelling results from a study showed that violent video games significantly decrease empathy and prosocial behavior” (Boyce, Web). Here the author is trying to warn us that exposing our young ones is a big risk to their social lives. Essentially, we need to keep kids away from video games so they are not in any danger. All in all, violent video games have a very negative effect on kids and teens, that many parents do not know about. Games can have severe mental as well as physical damage to people who play them, and can seriously compromise their school performance. As older and more mature individuals we need to take the necessary precautions to protect future generations.
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