Technology Makes Us Less Intelligent

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As the world continues to evolve we must ask ourselves this question: is the world changing for the better? In my opinion, it is not. I believe the "change" of the world refers to the technological advances. As technology grows, human jobs are replaced with advanced machinery, the next generation appears to get less intelligent, and human contact is replaced by other devices. As technology has continued to take over the world, human jobs have been taken over by factories and computers. Human labor is simply not valued as much. Simple things like email and texting lead to the cut of post office jobs because stamps are not necessary, thus lower wages for the empolyee. Due to the economic recession, my local library has cut down on the number of employees and they have been replaced by self-check out machinery. We should be concerned as this practice continues to grow at a rapid pace. With a economic downfall, we do not need a greater increase in the unemployment rate. As we introduce more modern gadgets, kids of America seem to focus more on texting, emailing, and wasting h...

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