How Our World is Changing

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As the title of this paper states, “How our World is Changing” our world is constantly changing. Our world changes everyday without most of us ever seeing or noticing any changes, but as we look back in history we can see some tremendous changes. As history is studied these changes become apparent and truly jump out and become real. Out of all the changes in our history, some of the most significant changes that have made an impact include; women’s rights, civil rights and religion. Women and people of color have made several steps toward earning equal rights over the past forty years. World religions are as diverse as the individuals that participate in them. Women have had quite a few hurdles to get over since the 1950's. In 1958 the proportion of women attending college in comparison with men was 35 percent. (Friedan, 369) Women were supposed to be happy and content at home taking care of her family. In the late 1950's, many women began to feel they needed more, and so a movement was started. Women were drawn into the work place in the 1960's when the economy expanded and rising consumer aspirations fueled the desire of many families for a second income. By 1960, 30.5 percent of all wives worked and the number of women graduating from college grew. (Echols, 400) Women soon found they were being treated differently and paid less then their male co-workers. In the mid 1970's, cities began to have women applying for firefighter positions and by the late 1970's, cities began hiring women as firefighters. This was only a small victory for women. Dealing with the men in a male dominant department would be an even bigger struggle for women. (Seattle) A sexual harassment survey was conducted in 1995 with 551 women firelighters responded. The survey revealed that 88% of the women had experienced sexual harassment. 73% of the women stated they had been treated differently in negative ways, from their male co-workers. (Sexual Harassment) In 1999, a longer survey was given and the percentages increased when women were asked if they had experienced any sexual harassment. I have heard quite a few men say that women cannot do the job because they are not strong enough. Being a Firefighter today takes more brains then 20 years ago. The ability to be a clear thinker is one of the biggest assets a firefighter must have today.

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