Apps are they useful or garbage?

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Almost 90% of app users from age’s 12-26 use apps that are a waste time and not to “broaden your mind”( Learning Blogs, New York Times, comment 6 ). As our society becomes more and more driven by the use of smartphones and tablets, there are an increasing number of individuals using apps. The problem is not with the amount of apps being downloaded, but the kind of apps being used, along with the type of devices that these apps are being downloaded to. As our society continues to encourage the on-the-go mentality, a majority of app users are utilizing mobile devices. According to Mashable, “communication apps are wildly popular” but it is the game apps that are the most popular with Candy Crush being the number one free app. In addition, six of the top paid for apps are games. Although many people continue to download apps on the mobile devices for entertainment purposes, these types of apps are much more suited for a computer because desktop or laptops computers are faster, they are more versatile, and the programs are fully functional. The more apps that are running on a mobile device or a tablet, the slower the device performs as well as launching and operating the applications on that device. There are a number of apps that are extremely useful, such as Dropbox (an online storage space for documents and pictures), GoogleMaps, and banking apps, all these do not have a large need to be customized and are handy for the on-the go society. Although social networking apps are beneficial for Knight 2 uploading pictures via, smartphones and tablets, their apps are betting on a desktop computer. The online social networking apps that function on mobile devices, do not have the capability to be customized the same way i... ... middle of paper ... ... is like taking a 20 ft. fishing pole and trying to press a button on a wall. Let’s just say it leads to a lot of aggravation. The most noticeable difference in the functionality is web browsing. There is the mobile version and the desktop version on all major websites. The learning curve of the mobile is far steeper than of the desktop version. With all the pros and cons put out onto the field of debatability I think it’s easy for one Knight 4 who is non-bias toward any side of the mobile vs. desktop war, to see that the desktop has more benefits than the smartphone does. I personally suggest people look into more information on this subject so they can see for themselves what is in for the future for them. But if you're not motivated to do so, just take my advice and go buy a PC/Mac and be more efficient with your work and the occasional gaming binge.
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