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I interviewed a family friend who is a teacher in New Canaan. From doing this interview I learned about the importance of various behaviors within a classroom as well as how to handle situations when a student is misbehaving. In terms of lesson planning, I learned that teachers map out each of their lessons in order to be organized and cover all material that is necessary so that the students can progress. During the interview, I will be asking my teacher certain questions pertaining to education. Asking questions is a major key to learning and as I believe all students should have the ability to learn, I also believe all teachers do as well and learning something new will only help in the long run.
In my opinion, the types of behaviors, actions,
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I will continue my learning by staying up to date with the teacher handbook if there is one at my given school . I will keep my personal life outside of school, and I will not let personal matters effect relationships with other teachers. I would want to know how well I am doing by getting good feedback from other teacher, faculty staff and the parents. Although positive feedback is rewarding, as a teacher, it is important to accept criticism as well because realistically, everyone makes mistakes and critics can help you learn from those and grow as an individual.
A teacher evaluation refers to the formal process a school uses to review and rate teachers’ performance and effectiveness in the classroom. Ideally, the findings from these evaluations are used to provide feedback to the teachers and guide their professional links towards success. Having a teacher’s handbook is a great way of finding out what specific tasks you need to get done. The teacher’s handbook will also tell you materials you will need for your class as well. Sticking to the guideline will make sure that everything is done and the students are getting all that is needed to progress and be
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