Classroom Teacher Observation Report

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A. Evaluation Form or Observation Protocol
The evaluation form that was used to evaluate a classroom teacher’s performance is a rubric used by the school district (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012).
A1. Performance Factors
The teacher was rated using a rubric with specific criteria in four domains including planning and preparation, the classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012). Within each of these domains are components which are the performance factors that are relevant to classroom teachers. In domain one the components include: demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy, demonstrating knowledge of students, setting instructional outcomes, demonstrating knowledge of resources and technology, designing coherent instruction, and designing student assessments. The components for domain two include: creating an environment of respect and rapport, establishing a culture for learning, managing classroom procedures, managing student behavior, organizing physical space. In domain three the components included are: communicating with students, using questioning and discussion, engaging students in learning, using assessment in instruction, and demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness. There is only one component that was rated for domain four which is reflecting on teaching.
B1. Reflection on Pre-Observation Conference
The pre-observation allowed me to better understand the lesson and get information on the kindergarten students in the classroom. The teacher stated she wanted the students to demonstrate an understanding of using beginning sounds to form words. The teacher used current assessment data when planning the lesson. When d...

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... teaching the foundational skills, as well as, moving into other parts of the reading block (guided, interactive read aloud, literacy centers, etc.). After the reading coach models, the teacher will teach a lesson which will be observed by the coach. She will provide feedback and work on a plan based on the observation.
Overall the post-conference was effective and the teacher was able to learn more strategies that will help her improve instruction which will have an impact on student learning. I think because I took a collaborative approach, the teacher was open to the feedback and willing to try new strategies in order to meet the needs of her students.

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