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Interview with HR Officer As I sat down with Jordan Fisher, on April 30th, we looked out the window to a gloomy, rainy day. It was wet and nasty day, but Jordan agreed to sit down with me to discuss his position as an HR officer. Jordan started with the Federal Government, 30 years ago at the age of 20. Now 50 Jordan is looking forward to retiring with his wife, stating “I enjoy it here, I really do—but I can’t wait to retire.” While Jordan plans to work for one more year before retiring, the knowledge and experience that he has gained from the position will never leave him. Jordan has been a very successful H.R. official because he has integrity, used effective communication and proper documentation. Integrity Integrity is the quality of being honest and fair (“integrity,” n.d.). Integrity involves displaying high standards of ethical conduct and behaviors consistent with agency and governmental standards. Jordan has ensured throughout his time as an H.R. professional that he is remaining ethical at all times. “I have to ensure that I am aware of all policies and regulations that can affect our employees. But I also have to keep their information confidential.” Confidentiality is very important for H.R. professionals as they need to ensure that they handle confidential information appropriately, and never divulge any information to unauthorized persons. They also must serve the needs of top management and monitor their actions towards employees to be sure that all policies and regulations are followed. Effective Communication Effective Communication is a two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party (“effective communication, n.d.). H.R. profe... ... middle of paper ... ...urces Officials to ensure that business runs smoothly. There are many characteristics of an effective HR official, but Jordan demonstrates three main skills: integrity, effective communication, and proper documentation. Without these skills, Jordan would not have had such a long and prosperous career. He is a role model to other HR officials in his building and he will be greatly missed when he retires. References Integrity. (n.d.). Retrieved May 4, 2014, from Motivation. (n.d.). Retrieved May 4, 2014, from Schleifer, J., & Bruce, S. (2006, July 18). The 9 essential skills of human resources management. HR Daily Advisor. Retrieved from
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