Tc Plc Case Study

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As an insurer based in the UK, TC plc could greatly benefit from developing and prioritising its customer relationship management. A strong customer relationship can harvest important information to enhance sales and alter premium level and improve claims processes. Firstly, TC plc could adopt a proactive attitude by putting itself in a proactive environment rather than a reactive one. Being proactive is about thinking ahead, asking questions to find out the needs of the customer and looking at how to act on findings. Asking existing or potential customers questions would aid TC in coming up with new ideas, staying ahead of competitors and therefore maximise TC plc 's business opportunities. This would help TC understand the changing and complex needs of customers, which is crucial in customer relationship management. A reason for this is that if TC plc was to remain reactive and wait to see what customers wanted and are being offered by competitors, they could lose out on business. This is not maximising business opportunities, and shows a proactive environment could help pull TC plc towards there aims and objectives. A proactive attitude and environment also ensures an up to date feedback response, rather than old data and…show more content…
Offering claims advice or consulting services could prove profitable for TC plc, and gain it revenue through charges or simply retaining customers through good service, as well as improving their service relationship between TC plc and its customers. This will help understand needs and expectations of insured’s and therefore maximise the potential of meeting future needs of a particular client, and provide knowledge on gaining similar business in the future. This would benefit TC plc in building up knowledge of its full dealings with customers, increasing TC plc 's business opportunities in the
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