Coca-Cola's Customer Relationship Management Strategies

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Customer Relationship Management Strategies for Business Market (Individual)

Collaborative customer relationship

Collaborative customer relationship can be defined as a relationship-building strategies which is target on strong and lasting commitment, are especially appropriate for customers.

Coca-Cola is stress in their customer relationship as an organization. For example, Coca-Cola will corporate closely with their largest customers in order to build up versatile relationship. Moreover, operational linkages and information sharing system is important for keeping the product and service that offered is suit with the customer’s needs and wants. Coca-Cola has refined their collaborative customer relationship process in three main markets which are Mexico, Japan and Switzerland. They work with their customers in order to provide the better-quality beverage selection to every consumer. For instance, Oxxo which is a convenience store chain that has 5700 stores in 30 states in Mexico has recognized the Coca-Cola Mexico’s Collaborative Customer Relationship program. This program helps Coca-Cola and their customers to understand the consumer preference. On the other hand, it enables Coca-Cola to transfer a transactional and commercial link to a collaborative and multifunctional business relationship.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is a cross-functional process to achieve a continuing dialogue with customers, across all their contact and access point, with personalized treatment of the most valuable customers and to ensure customer retention and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. It is also provide the chance for customers to interact with the brand.

The customers for Coca-Cola are...

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...r needs. If each of them is not satisfy with the decision or the benefits offered in the contract, the contract will be cancel or stop. If any breach in their contract, there would have to lose a lot of money and even lawsuit. Therefore, contract negotiation with their alliance is challenge and difficult. It took a lot of time and the patience of both different companies in order to meet the same requirements in the contract. Another case happen is Portland Schools negotiate with Coca-Cola about the on-going terms of vending machine contract. (portland, 2007) Portland Public Schools is concerned about the health of their student and they would like to replace Coca-Cola vending machine with waters, milk and juice. However, this will affect the term of contract with Coca-cola. A series of negotiation with the schools is beginning in order to resolving the contract.

In this essay, the author

  • Defines collaborative customer relationship as a relationship-building strategy which is targeted on strong and lasting commitment, are especially appropriate for customers.
  • Explains that customer relationship management is a cross-functional process to ensure customer retention and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. coca-cola only provides information about their product and allows visitors to interact with the brand in fun and attractive ways.
  • Explains that coca-cola has implemented a retention strategy through coke point in britain and canada. the program is turns mobile phone into loyalty card.
  • Defines strategic alliance as when two or more businesses join together for a set period of time and have similar products and services to the same target audience but are not in direct competition.
  • Explains that coca cola company has strategic alliances with various large companies to influence their brands.
  • Explains that coca cola's strategic alliance is to acquire brands and partner with bottlers to package and distribute their brands.
  • Explains the challenges of alliance management, such as contract negotiation, protecting core assets, and leaking systems and structure.
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