Case Study: The Stefani B Collection

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The Stefani B Collection should come up with a segmentation process. The following factors that should be in the process contain the following: sustainability, measurability, accessibility, serviceability. Sustainability is about ensuring a large enough customer base to make sufficient sales and profit. The brand should also consider the potential for future growth. It is important to connect with the customers, having a variety of merchandise that keep customers interested. Next, measurability is thinking of the store’s size and buying power. An example of this would be thinking of a high school coming in to match jewelry with their prom dresses; how many high school seniors attend that school or what is the average income of families …show more content…

A segment profile comes down to describing customer characteristics of a typical customer. It is important to build profitable relationships with the right customer is good for the marketer’s stakeholders. After this, the brand can start to build up their company target market, as well as selecting merchandise that would be best for the store.

What positioning strategy do you think would be advantageous? Support your answer.

The positioning strategy that I think would be advantageous is using the marketing mix tools effectively. I think having an integrated and coordinated strategy for product, price, place, and promotion. Marketers can use this to maximize customers’ experiences and complete their process of positioning by outshining customer’s expectations in each area that is prominent to them. Fashion consumers want to change and seek what is new and exciting. A certain fashion doesn’t remain popular forever, so marketers need to anticipate and prepare for changes in consumer tastes.

Segment the marketplace and describe the demographic or psychographic profile of Stefani B 's primary target customers. Explain your …show more content…

First, customer centricity is important to channel customer centricity into their company strategy. It will get the whole workforce on track. Next, the collection should keep their customer data up-to-date. They would benefit from building a stable foundation by bringing all of their current customer contacts. The brand should also save all documents including minutes-of-meetings, emails, offers, contracts, and every payment transaction. Then, the company should establish healthy customer relationships based on their customer profile. It is always important to follow-up on customers and to make sure they stay satisfied with the merchandise. Finally, it is all about the customer. Their response is very important. It is viable to surprise and impress their customers, as well as plan and implement multi-phase marketing campaigns(CAS

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