Symphony No. 5: The Music From The Classical Era

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Music Appreciation Essay Aleah Shaheen The Music from classical era had a meaning that so many wants to hear the sound of the piece. Most Composer had a harsh life then, other era. In addition the classical era had more melody and texture to the piece. The music piece I chose was symphony No. 5. The reason I chose it, was because I loved how the song was dark, then to light. I’m going to talk about what the did, what was the music like. The mood the composer had when making this piece, a few reasons why. and the style about it. The composer that did that symphony is Beethoven. Beethoven was deaf, so music was hard to hear, Beethoven use to love this woman, in addition one music was about the woman. Something …show more content…

This music talks about the evilness that Beethoven felt, or what Beethoven felt after the Woman did that, and the fact the composer is deaf and can't hear much, then it all turns good and everything is alright in the end, then the music it repeats itself. The Melody for me is dark at first, then the light melody comes, which has more melody to it. The texture is mostly at the beginning, which has a little story behind the texture to the music. The historical context was that Beethoven attitude was upset, so that’s how the piece was in the play. This piece had some appearance Because it all start dark, so that got the audience attention. Beethoven mood while creating this piece, I would say was being upset, because the love of his life kind of did betray. But as that piece is playing, there’s a change in the moods, which change from being upset, to being strong, and going towards the light instead of staying in the darkness. Beethoven symphony No. 5 was the most dark music, but then turns to light, it reflects the mood the composer had. Though Beethoven was deaf, the music didn’t die, it got stronger, while the composer didn’t allow a problem stop the music. So I talked about Beethoven and his piece, which I would say that was a good piece, in conclusion Beethoven is my favorite composer, because most of his pieces reflect what his mood

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  • Explains that classical music had a meaning that many wanted to hear the sound of the piece. the composer chose symphony no. 5 because it was dark, then to light.
  • Explains that beethoven wrote the symphony because the hearing was tough, and the woman's father wouldn't allow his daughter to marry him, but the daughter of the father convinced beethoven that he could play music.
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