Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

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Beethoven's Fifth Symphony If you are part of society, I think it is safe to make the assumption you are familiar with and have heard Symphony No. five by Beethoven. Whether it was a theme in movie or part of an advertisement on TV, it captured your attention and added emotion and excitement to the particular segment that it coincided with. Total unification and the pervasive use of a single motif combine to make the Fifth Symphony, which had one of the longest gestation periods of any Beethoven work, the first in which all movements are shown plainly to be part of a cyclic design. The famous motif which dominates the first movement in the form also makes significant appearances that are dramatic entrances in the other three. This feature gives the Fifth Symphony its widespread popularity that it has had over so many generations. Tonal unity is provided by the close relationship between the parallel keys of C minor (the tonic) and C major, and the gradual yielding of the minor to major in the course of the work. To help achieve this transfer of c control, from m...

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