Beethoven and Bach

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Classical music can be best summed by Mr. Dan Romano who said, “Music is the hardest kind of art. It doesn't hang up on a wall and wait to be stared at and enjoyed by passersby. It's communication. Its hours and hours being put into a work of art that may only last, in reality, for a few moments...but if done well and truly appreciated, it lasts in our hearts forever. That's art, speaking with your heart to the hearts of others.” Starting at a young age Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven have done just that with their musical compositions. Both musical composers changed the world of music and captivated the hearts of many. Their love of composing shared many similar traits, though their musical styles were much different.

Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven both flourished in their compositions of classical music; however, their genre of music differed considerably. Bach was a German composer during the Baroque time era of western music which is estimated to have taken place during 1600 to 1750. It was during this time that he composed prolific church organ music which included such works as the Mass in B Minor, much scared choral music, and the St. Matthew Passion, as well as composing over a thousand works in nearly every musical genre except opera. On the other hand, Beethoven was a German composer whom began to emerge during the classical era of western music twenty years after Bach. This era took place throughout the years1750 and 1830. The large quantity of arrangements, over two hundred works in numerous musical genres composed by Beethoven was significantly influenced by his predecessors, onset of deafness, and his highly personal expression of intellectual depth. Such works include the first an...

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...eethoven and Bach achieved success that almost all musicians will never obtain.

Classical music was best described by Mr. Dan Romano who clearly states that its art speaking from your heart to the heart of others. Bach’s Baroque time period of western music lead to some of the most known and widely recognized organ music, and it was Beethoven’s deafness that came to symbolize a fundamental change in the way we listen to classical music. Beethoven was the most beloved and influential composers of his time. Their music had flaws and that is what made it breathtaking, comfortable and easy to listen to. It is now known that between the lives of Bach and Beethoven we can understand that though their love for composing and classical music was the same in some aspects they were exact opposites in the end when it came to their genre, musical instruments and recognition.

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