Swot Analysis Of Unilever Soap

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The existing and potential market competition would be companies such as Unilever, who make such soaps as Dove and Axe. Another company that would be competition is Proctor and Gamble, who make such soaps as Olay and Old Spice. Other big name competitors include L’Oreeal and Johnson and Johnson. However, these well-known companies would not be my only competition. Other people who make handcrafted soap as a hobby, or who try to sell it from their homes would be considered competition as well. Unilever has been around since the 1890s. According to the Unilever website 13 of their 400 brands have sales that generate an excess of €1 billion per year (Unilever). With sales that total €1 billion per year my strategy would have to cater to those who are looking for a soap that contains more natural ingredients. My company would be a small start-up that does not have the brand recognition…show more content…
People will get more for their money and potentially could buy more of my soap then the competitors. People who bought my soap that way could tell their friends and more customers would come to my shop and buy my product. They too would get more soap for their money and they could tell their friends in a never ending cycle. Different pricing in the different locations could draw potential customers because online my soap might not have a name for itself yet, but if I am at a craft fair trying to sell my product I could sell if for a dollar cheaper than everyone else in the hopes it would draw people over to my product. Eventually I could have some sales. Finally, my non-pricing strategy of getting my soap out there through social media is a cheap and effective way of advertising. Advertising is essential or no one would even know that you are in business trying to sell a

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