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Strategic Profile Louis Vuitton, a French designer and entrepreneur quickly made a name for himself in the fashion industry by becoming Napoleon’s wife “personal box-maker and packer.” At the age of sixteen, Vuitton and his family started the legendary workshop by creating travel trunks and the famous unpickable locks in 1859 (Louis Vuitton, 2015). As the legendary brand continues to remarkably exceed both sales and expectations, Louis Vuitton as a brand strives for pure distinction and exclusivity. A private label company called “Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy” or better known as LVMH owns the brand of Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton brand combines both its vision and mission statement into one proclamation. The statements include: “The…show more content…
The superiority of craftsmanship and skill helps enhance the creativity of being the world’s leading avant-garde fashion icons. Louis Vuitton also takes satisfaction in providing the best quality by producing the most exquisite materials, being detail-oriented, having a disposal of defective goods, good promotional strategies and a strong brand reputation and image. The brand itself is one of the largest, elite brands globally (Louis Vuitton-History, 2015).
A weakness for Vuitton as a brand is their limited target market and customer segment. Although their products are very accessible and attainable, they only cater to the elite individuals. The longevity of debt within the company was very interesting because these obligations can cause of inability of growth within the company (Louis Vuitton-History, 2015).
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Also the checking out process has been technologically advanced as it was observed that iPhones and iPads are used on the sales floor to see what items are in stock at the location or other locations and to help customers in making a purchase. Using these items help with the communication among staff and customers. After making a purchase, the associate that assisted them will more than likely follow up with a personalized thank you note and invite them back to the store. Customizing the product for the customer also increases the use of technology. The customer chooses what product they want and they ask an associate to engrave their name on it, making it their own personal

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