Swot Analysis Of Google

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Explaining Google’s business model is to say the clever idea of two PhD students from Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded in 1998 and originally purpose was to provide a unique internet search engine and rapidly became the leader on search engine and best advertiser seller. Google is a technology company that today offers more than 200 products, and services being internet search engine the most famous and used worldwide. From Picasa, YouTube, Gmail, Google Book, AdWords, Google search among many others Google untypical business model is direct to a main purpose to get the most out of advertising and to bring more consumers to those advertising, which are who generate more than 90 percent of Google’s revenue. Google business…show more content…
The following are the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Google:
Strength: Google is the leading company in search engine having more than 65 % of the market shares, making it extremely difficult for the competition to imitate or come close. Its capacity to engender user traffic produces a massive amount of information through the number of hits it gets, estimate per month of 100 billion, which provides information on consumers’ shopping habits, and it’s utilize to improve the tools used by users, provide what consumers need, and attract more users. In addition, it attracts recognize brands which brings the biggest revenue to the company, more that 90%, due to the popularity Google has. Google is also getting stronger with the introduction of Android as well as other mobile technologies that will help in the present and future increase of revenue from other venues. Moreover, its acquisition abilities, with a cash in excess estimate at 64 billion in 2015, gives Google the opportunity to buy more companies and increase its power and dominant in the market share as well as give them the advantage of continue
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Apple, Amazon, Microsoft). What’s a strength can become a weakness such as having too much cash in excess seating without any investment or purpose, although a proof of a healthy company, and a good borrower, is as well questionable why such unproductive high amount of cash. Deficiency of compatibility with some services such as Prime videos and some computing platforms (GTID: global transaction identifier) in next generation devices, can hurt Goggle if not solution is offered to users soon. Google indirectly makes its competitor stronger by allowing competitors’ users download its apps in a competitor device such as
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