The History of Google

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Google is major search engine used on the web. Google began as an idea in the heads of two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They met at Stanford in 1995 when Sergey was asked to show new student, Larry, around. When they started to know each other more they decided to make a search engine. Their initial blue print was for a small engine called BackRub. Their searches, results, and name did not go far. They started over and came up with a search engine that can come with an infinite number of results, a googol number of results, and Google was created.
At first Google was used at Stanford and soon set wild into America. Later Google exploded to every computer in the U.S. When People wanted to find something quick, you looked on Google. Access to anything you wanted was, for the first time on the web, at your fingertips. This faster than all, search engine changed encyclopedias and dictionaries to the press of a button. In 1998, Google started to have fun. Larry and Sergey decide to go to the burning man festival in Arizona. That one trip began a series of flavor on the internet. The first Google Doodle was of the iconic burning man peeking from behind the Google logo. As Google got larger Larry and Sergey could not handle it all, so they hired their first employee, Craig Silverstein. He kept working for over ten years. In December, Google was on the list for top 100 sites and just kept on getting better.
At the beginning of the new millennia, Google won their first Webby Awards. Even more people started using Google, but a reoccurring problem came up. How can people who speak another language come up with results? The solution was the first ten languages that are able to be read by Google search. They are French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. A year later Google images was launched. A program where someone can come up with pictures for whatever they want. As Google started to become more and more popular in America they decided to put an international office in Tokyo. At the end of the year Google came up with Zeitgeist, which is an overview of Google searches and trending titles that went on over that year.
In 2002 AdWords was released.
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