Google In 2009 Case Study

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What are the major problems facing Google in 2009?

2009 was a negative period for the United States economy. A big recession hit the country, and the founders of Google were trying to make a plan in order to make to limit the damage caused by an economic decline. Brin and Page the two creators of the giant Google were shocked form the situation that was occurring. Their company was feeling the effect of the economic downturn. Google’s stock price dropped 51 percent. The two entrepreneurs were trying to figure out a way to keep the company from drowning. Google main problem was how to maintain the culture that made the company successful in the previous two years. Some consequences that the company had to face was eliminating products that
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The first and more important implication was downsizing the workforce trying to keep the most skilled workers and relocate them in the areas of need. Some of the threats for Google were trying to keep up with the competition, which it was aggressive. Many companies were trying to the same road of connecting people with information on the web. The biggest competitor for Google was Microsoft Corporation with its search engine Yahoo. Moreover, other companies were competing against Google from start-ups to well formed companies that were trying to develop search technologies. Also, had high competition in the advertising area where pay for performance was a great way to acquire new customers. However, the best service that Google launched was the language service offering fifty foreign…show more content…
Its persistence and incredible energy are definably the keys of success. The first model created inside the company was focusing on the users, and the rest will be followed achieved. Also, the company figured out that being great at one thing was going to be the right path to follow. Plus, especially when dealing with technology, being able to provide a fast service was going to gain numerous customers. Moreover, Google’s model was based on democracy and ethical behavior. It is not necessary to become evil in order to be successful. Information is precious and a company like Google is always in need of information. There is plenty of information out there waiting to be found, and it only needs someone to look in the right place. Dressing like a professional does not make a person one. It takes skills, abilities and education. Finally, progress will never stop, and when someone thinks that he or she had reached the top, something will come up. In order to be successful, a person or a company should not stop
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