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Market / Industry Analysis
The NAICS code for Air Canada is 48111, which stands for Scheduled air transportation. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the global trade association for the airline industry. It focuses on representing, leading, and serving the whole airline industry. Air Canada and Air China are both the members of The International Air Transport Association, which means they all have the same value and put passengers’ safety on priority. Also, ITAT supports these airlines to help them reduce carbon dioxide emissions by promoting the Carbon Offset Program among them. ITAT is also a great platform for all airlines around the world to corporate and become partners.
According to SME Benchmarking, there are 260 companies
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43.1% of sales in Scheduled Air Transportation are Scheduled international passengers, which is the largest portion of the whole industry, and 26.6% of it are Scheduled domestic passengers. Since Air Canada is the largest airline of Canada that provide services for both international passengers and domestic passengers. The majority of its revenue comes from international passengers on long-haul flight. The industry’s international passenger segment has been growing at a rapid pace in the past years. Being one of the major carriers, Air Canada gets the most volume, and 42.6% market share in the whole industry. The Scheduled Air Transportation industry is expected to continue growing for the next few years. The major market segmentations in the industry are consumers and business travelers. Consumers who travel for a vacation, to visit family members are estimated to be 76% of total industry revenue. For business travelers, they account for about 17% of industry revenue since they often choose to pay for first class or premium economy for their seats. However, the competition in the Scheduled Air…show more content…
In 2013, air transportation made 23,104.8 million CAD sales, and other transportation includes bus, ferry, rail, and cruise only made 3248.7 million. It is easy to see that consumers prefer taking airplanes than other transportation when going for a trip. From the data provide by PMB Product Data, 17.7% of Canadian above 12 years old will choose Air Canada compared to other airlines. People from Edmonton are 103% more likely to choose Air Canada than average Canadian while people from Montreal are 17% less more likely to choose Air
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