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1. Introduction

WestJet is the second-largest carrier in Canada, which mainly focuses on economic airlines. In decades past, WestJet expanded its destination network form all western Canadian cities to international scope. During this development period, IT played a important role. For example, electronic ticket is used in the airline reservation system. However, some IT-related issues also hinders the company’s development.

This case study will first list the current IT condition of WestJet Airlines, then summarize the key strengths, core competencies and challenges of the company through them. After that, the business-IT alignment will be discussed according to the alignment maturity criteria. In terms of the IT governance, the case study will analyze both strengths and weakness of WestJet Airlines, then provide some improvement strategies of it.

2. Key strengths

Currently, WestJet has right technology within its IT system. Take Sabre for example, which is a good ticketing system using codeshare, it allows two or more airlines share the same flight. Obviously, this technology helps to allocate more airlines and expand the market. Furthermore, WestJet Airlines applies electronic ticket firstly, increasing the process speed of the booking system.

Appropriate enterprise is another key strength of WestJet. There are plenty of excellent technical people among the IT group, who are key factor of solving IT-related issues.

As for the total number of budget and employee, WestJet’s IT was right based on benchmark result. Generally, a accurate number of budget and employee encourages processes to run smoothly.

3. Core competency

After summarize the strategies used by WestJet, it is not difficult to find that the target of most ...

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...e IT-related processes of WestJet (Ramadhani 2014).

Finally, management level can try to do some surveys to get feedbacks from IT staff, to know their attitudes or suggestions about their work. Furthermore, they can evaluate each other equally by marking, which encourages colleagues to work more efficient (Ramadhani 2014).

7. Conclusion

The biggest challenge for IT transformation of WestJet is the low-efficient communication, and it is difficult for CIO and IT staff to achieve a alignment. The objective of new IT transformation is IT-business alignment, which serves for the core competency (customer-centered services).

By using the alignment maturity criteria, WestJet shows great insufficiency of some parts, especially IT governance. For the improvement of IT governance, some practical strategies can be applied, which is able to overcome the challenge as well.
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