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  • Customer Care at Air France

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    WELCOME TO CLUB 2000: DELIVERING CUSTOMER CARE THE AIR FRANCE-KLM WAY PROBLEM: Dr. Jaeger is not just any Air France traveler – he is a privileged member of the airline’s most elite loyalty program: Club 2000. By virtue of this membership, he is to expect the utmost in superior service quality standards from Air France. But after a horrible experience with the airline that left him “standing in the rain,” literally, he is not only incensed from his travels gone awry, but even more from the

  • The Merger of Air France-KLM

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    The merger of Air France-KLM 1. Introduction 3 2. Cause of the problems faced by Air France-KLM post 2009 4 3. The organizational structure of Air France-KLM 5 4. Discussion of the ''Transform 2015'' program 6 5. Conclusion 7 1. Introduction In 2004 the airlines Air France and KLM merged into a new entity known as Air France-KLM. Both the CEO's of the companies saw the need to merge because of the need for consolidation in the European aviation industry. It was a unique merger

  • Merger Of Air France KLM

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    Merger Air France – KLM Organizational change Roos Theunissen 2165763 28-05-2014 Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. What contributed to the problems faced by Air-France-KLM post 2009? 3. Organizational structure Air France – KLM 4. New organizational structure Air France 5. Transform 2015; did the measures revive the airline? Introduction There is al lot of parties who were allied to the merger. Schiphol was afraid to loose clientages, the state thought that

  • Financial Comparison of Air France, Ryan Air and American Airlines

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    Financial Comparison of Air France, Ryan Air and American Airlines I decided to write the first experiential exercise about three airline companies. I chose Air France, what is the most famous airline company in Europe, a big US company American Airlines, and finally big low-cost airline in Europe, called Ryanair. First of all, I would like to give a short introduction about all the three companies, what are their main advantages comparing to other airlines, because all of them are market leader

  • An Analysis of the Crash of Air France Flight 4590

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    aviation industry by operating transatlantic flights in less than four hours. The slick and elegant aircraft with one of the most sophisticated engineering was one of the most coveted aircrafts of its time. However, this was all destined to end when Air France Flight 4590 was involved in a tragic disaster just outside the city of Paris on July 25, 2000. The crash killed 113 people, but more disastrous was its impact. The belief and confidence people had with Concorde gradually started to fade, and finally

  • The Turnaround Program of French-Dutch Airline, Air France KLM

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    Air France-KLM's "Transform 2015" Turnaround Program SUMMARY The case is about the turnaround program of French-Dutch airline, Air France KLM. The airline was formed through a merger of French and Dutch carriers in 2004. The case describes the cross border alliance and the airline's good performance in the initial years post merger. However, from 2009, the company was struggling to remain competitive in the changing global aviation industry. According to some analysts, the differences in culture

  • Business Case Study: Air France-KLM

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    Air France-KLM Organized under French law, Air France – KLM SA, is a limited liability company that operates one of the largest airlines in the world. The core business of Air France-KLM is passenger transportation, however, other activities include maintenance, aeronautics, cargo, and additional air-transport-related activities involving mostly, catering (Air france-klm group, 2016, p. 13). Both Air France and KLM are amongst the few airlines that were founded before World War II. Both bearing

  • Concorde: The Concorde

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    was far different then any other aircraft, People describes as‘spaceship’ looking. The time it would take you to cross the Atlantic was never seen or heard before. March 2nd 1969, The first concorde flight. Hundreds of reports gathered in Toulouse, France, to watch the first take off, even though this flight was very short, it was the first test and all the work that had been going on and the planning for year prior is paying off and finally it wanted to show the world about the future of aviation

  • Airbus Planning

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    airbus has been cheating for what they called a launch aid by the European government since 1970 to steal the United States “Boeing” jobs. Another rumor stated by George Landrith the President of the Frontiers of Freedom Institute says that: “The Air Force has been trying to replace its aged aerial refueling tanker fleet (the average age of the aircraft is almost fifty years) for more than a dec... ... middle of paper ... ... Airbus pretend to accomplished their missions and goals by using strong

  • The Airbus A380: A Revolutionary Plane

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    The largest passenger plane in the world, The Airbus A380 is a startling sight. The plane can handle up to 853 passengers and travel with one full tank of fuel up to 15, 700 kilometers. The airbus A380 is an amazing feat of aviation technology and it never ceases to amaze anyone that sees it. The exterior is only the beginning of the wonders you get to experience when you get to fly in the A380, but the interior never ceases to amaze any passenger that gets to fly in this magnificent plane. Statistics

  • The Airbus A320

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    aluminum alloy and employ the usage of laser lights to seal the connections, making it sturdier and harder than the commonly used pin and knots. After the parts are all manufactured, it is then shipped to Toulouse, France, for assembly. The Airbus A380’s first flight took place in Toulouse, France, on April 27, 2005. And then it made its first Trans-Atlantic flight to Medellin, Colombia. In January 10, 2006, the company decided to test the engine’s performance at an airport located at a high altitude. These

  • Why Projects Fail in A380

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    the most A380s on firm order - 140 in total (Topham, 2013). The objectives of Airbus Company are to create a consortium of existing companies (France, Germany, Spain, UK). Transform this company into advanced association fit for contending and capable of competing with American companies. The significant structural sections of the A380 are built in France, Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom (Moralws, 2006). Suppliers (General Electric (America), Rolls-Royce (UK), United Technologies (America) provides

  • Economy of the Netherlands

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    centres: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the seaport of Rotterdam. The best-known transport companies are Nedlloyd, Frans Maas and Smit International. The world’s oldest national airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, had to merge with French airline Air France in 2003. Many Dutch companies operate globally. The Netherlands' three largest international trading companies are Ahold, SHV Holdings and Hagemeyer. Many manufacturers, such as Unilever Philips, Akzo Nobel and Shell, also do a great deal of trade

  • Terrorism in Kenya

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    and still are on the drawing board but never executed. In 1976, the famous Entebbe hostage crisis was witnessed in neighboring Uganda. Members of the Baader-Meinhof Group and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) seized an Air France airliner and its 258 passengers.They forced the airplane to land in Uganda. During a 35-minute battle, 20 Ugandan soldiers and all seven hijackers died along with three hostages. when Israeli commandos rescued the passengers. Uganda’s President

  • Westjet Airline Essay

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    Westjet Airlines Ltd. is a Canada-based airlines company, competing with the major airlines with charter air services to more than 100 destinations across the world including Mexico, Canada, America, United States, and the Caribbean. Founded as a low-cost airline in 1996, Westjet is has grown to be the second-largest Canadian air carrier, operating an average of 425 flights per day that carry over 45,000 passengers. Westjet officially announced to have carried over 21.95 million passengers in 2016

  • Large Aircraft

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    capacity. Seattle PI. Retrieved from Ruehle, J, Goetsch, B & Koch, B. (2006). Consequences of feeder delays for the success of a380 operations. Journal of Air Transportation, 11(2), 43-63. Retrieved from Stafford, N. (2006, September 28). Turbulent times. Nature, 443(7110)

  • Company Analysis: Northwest Airlines

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    Company Analysis: Northwest Airlines Introduction Northwest Airlines is one of the pioneers in the airline transportation industry and is ranked at the fourth largest air carrier in the United States today. The success of the carrier depends on the quality and reliability of the service at a reasonable price. Close competitors force Northwest to innovate their services by increasing efficiency. This essay will try to examine different perspectives in the services needed to successfully complete

  • Taking a Look at TACA Airlines

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    TACA Airlines History TACA Airlines was founded in 1931 by Lowell Yerex. When it first began operations, TACA would fly single-engine Stinson planes. The sole idea of TACAs founder was to establish an airline for each Latin-American country. But despite this idea, only TACA International survived out of all the franchise airlines that were created. In 1945, Yerex left the company and TACA was forced to move its headquarters to El Salvador, where the company was able to modernize and expand. Between

  • Westjet Essay

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    WestJet was established in 1996 by Clive Beddoe and a team of like-minded partners, who believed that just because you pay less for your flights, doesn’t mean you should get less. The headquarters of this company is in Calgary, Canada. The company started its journey with three aircraft, five destinations and 220 friendly employees which helped them to become a company of more than 12,000 passionate employees flying their fleet of Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft to more than 100 destinations

  • Case Analysis Of Boeing And Boeing

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    Boeing is a very interesting company. Boeing may only be one company but they compete in two different markets: commercial airlines and the defense industry. The main competition in the commercial airline market is Airbus. Airbus and Boeing seem to have the commercial airline industry in a chokehold basically having no other competitors. Since the industry has high barriers to entry they will not see much competition anytime soon. Boeing is the American leader in commercial airplanes and Airbus is