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1. How were you first introduced to CS? How have you continued to develop your technical skills and seek additional exposure to the field? - I would say my first introduction to CS was in high school. I have always loved messing with computer ever since I was little. In high school, I took a web design class which I thought was very interesting. My school held an hour of coding event which was sponsored by Google which I was able to be a part of. I knew ever since then that I wanted to be a programmer of some sort. I continue to seek additional exposure to the field by going to events that deal with computer science. I also look at internships and apply to some of them. It’s hard to get one because of little experience I have, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. I also like to when I can, help those who need extra assistance with their code. I have several friends who come to me when they can’t figure out why their code won’t do …show more content…

My mother who was a single mother has been raising me on her own since I was born. My dad has been in and out of my life due to being incarcerated. The thing that makes me unique is my motivation and dislike for sympathy. When I set my mind to something, I tend to see it out. I didn’t come from a wealthy background so I didn’t get to experience some of luxury things that my peers did. I didn’t let that stop me from achieving success. I have always been smart ever since I was little. I told myself beginning of senior year that the goal was with my knowledge and motivation that paying for college wasn’t an option. I was applying to scholarships like crazy as soon as I found ones that I qualified for. Eventually, I started to hear back from some that carried either good or bad news; However, I was able to accomplish my goal. Late April of 2015, I was notified that I was a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. The scholarship practically covers all undergraduate schooling and some of

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