An Essay On Computer Engineering

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“The explosive impact of computers and information technology on our everyday lives has generated a need to design and develop new computer software systems and to incorporate new technologies in a rapidly growing range of applications.” Computer engineering is highly recommended for those individuals who have a high capacity for facing multiple challenges, are acceptable of change and flexibility, and who work extremely well under pressure.
Computer engineering which is the fastest growing engineering field for the past few years is a very extensive discipline which discusses the relationship and interactions between software and hardware in solving real engineering problems. “Computer engineering is one of today’s spiritedest degree technologically based jobs (Basta).” This includes such diverse areas as: biomedical devices, home automation, games and toys, environmental controls, automobile control systems and intelligent vehicle highway systems, industrial robotics, voice/speech recognition, computer intelligence, networking, and cellular communications. The phenomenal growth in this field has been fueled by rapid advances in integrated-circuit microprocessors and solid-state memories, which have brought about enormous computing power in small packages and at low cost.
The telephone provides a perfect example of the integration of the newest technologies in a large, complex, electronic system controlled by computers and micro-processors. Fiber optics, networking and wireless communications are among the many technologies incorporated into the telephone system in recent years. Computers have been added to control the system and provide many specialized custom services. One of the most important tasks of the computers is to de...

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...firm you’ll start as a junior computer engineer. In time you’ll work your way up to senior engineer and then manager of engineers. Executive engineers are the highest level of engineer and take many years of experience to get. They’re paid way more than regular engineers because people that have what it takes to make executive engineers are rare. People who make executives need market outlook and management skill.
Computer engineering is a very stressful job for those people who want it. Anyone who’s interested can see the benefits and positive things about computer engineering outweigh the bad. The education, duties, benefits, job outlook, and responsibility are all included in this report. Now is the perfect time to get in the field of computers, demand is high, and so is payment. Computer engineering is the perfect place for those people who thrive on challenges.

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