Struggies In Nursing: My Strengths And Strategies

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My Strengths and Strategies: Coming into the nursing program, I was hopeful and looking forward to the new career. I have had issues, and it has taken me longer than expected to complete the program. I think because of this my strengths and areas of growth have changed. Per Strengths Quest my top strengths are ideation, connectedness, and individualization, strategic, and deliberative. I think the areas that will help me most as a nurse are ideation, individualization, and strategic. Ideation has helped me to learn ideas and concepts quickly. So, I can explain them to those around me including patients. Likewise, being able to focus on the individual means I can what people need by finding the best way to act that out. It particularly helps in the areas of educating, and advocating for the patient, as many procedures and protocols will be the same. Also, being strategic will help me get things done efficiently. As I get more experience as a nurse I can use this to consider new ways to improve the working environment for those around me as well. The areas I need help with…show more content…
My desire is to become an expert nurse, to have one area where people automatically think of me to help with that issue. I am unsure of what that is or what that looks like. It may be in a classroom setting as I enjoyed teaching in the past or working directly with patients educating them. Educating people on health and managing it is one reason why I decided to enter a nursing program instead of another health care field, so I want to be able to do this on some level. Lastly, the most important measure of a success is that I enjoy what I do, and I get value from it. There will be periods that are difficult and trying. I will need to take care of myself so my career as a nurse will last. I think if I reach age sixty-five and cannot think of doing anything else it will be a successful
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