Structural Construction Case Study

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Abstract: This case study discusses different building materials used for construction of a specific building located in AL Khoud/ AL Seeb. The structure is commercial building residential building consisting of 10 floors and 36 apartments and 12 shops. Also discuss the reason of choosing these materials and mention the properties which made to choose those materials. To get this information for discussion a site visit to the mentioned structure has been conducted. The report includes the steps done in sequence for the mentioned structure until the wall construction. The rest steps done after research and the photos taken from other structures to give a clear idea about the whole process and steps. 2. Introduction: Structural Engineering is the field of engineering dealing with the analysis and designs the structures that supports or resist the loads. Its most commonly used in of buildings and structures is building the…show more content…
Concert can used for general building work such as , namely columns, beams and slabs • Cement: The main reason for using cement because it hardens when bending on the other hand cement can used to bind block by joints mortar also cement can make the concert impermeable • Sand: it consisting of metal rock mineral. is a naturally or artificially occurring angular or round granular can reduce cracks and shrinkage in concrete and also plastering , sand can used to mobilization course aggregate • Coarse aggregate : this material is important to use because it helps to increase the crushing strength of concrete . • Aggregate: in cement concrete to gain good quality aggregates are used in two groups. Sand and coarse
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