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Stroke is expected to become an increasing burden in Ghana over the next decade. The current stroke epidemic is a cause for serious concern as there is a need for urgent prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease not only in Ghana but also across Sub Saharan Africa. Never the less much of the global health focus tends to be on communicable diseases. A review of the literature suggests that stroke units are the way forward for improving stroke mortality and functional outcomes for stroke patients (SUTC 1997), however, much of the data has been obtained from developed countries. Raising questions as to whether the same results can be achieved across developing countries that are resource challenged. Therefore, there is a need for research …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that stroke is expected to become an increasing burden in ghana over the next decade. the current stroke epidemic is a cause for serious concern.
  • Explains that there was no clinical difference between the stroke unit and the general medical ward for mortality and length of stay, which raises questions about the applicability of stroke units in developing countries.
  • Explains that the stroke department is collecting socio-economic data for all stroke patients for their siren study. this may prove useful for future stroke studies in accra.
  • Explains that the data from a study in brazil did not illustrate significance in stroke mortality between the stroke unit and medical ward.
  • Opines that urgent attention should be focused on reducing post-stroke complications despite the setting patients are admitted to. the impact of the stroke unit at korle bu teaching hospital could be determined in a future study.
  • Opines that staff on the stroke unit provides a stroke service for those patients admitted to the general medical ward due to shortage of specialized stroke staff.
  • Opines that the increasing prevalence of stroke could put strain on the already weak health system and the cost incurred by the public could negatively impact patients' quality of life. key players need to work collaboratively to save stroke patients and those at risk.
  • Opines that korle bu teaching hospital needs to work together in a speedy manner to address the stroke epidemic in ghana.

This further raises some questions around the applicability of stroke unit in developing countries. However, the results must be interpreted cautiously due to several limitations of the study. In order for an observational study of the impact of SU care to be interpreted with confidence, there should be adequate matching of baseline characteristics, for example stroke type and severity between the two settings being compared in order to allow for case-mix adjustment during analysis of the data. Unfortunately, this was not possible because a limited number of patients on the general medical ward had computed tomography. Therefore, a limited amount of data was captured for stroke patients admitted onto the general medical ward. Whereas, on the stroke unit computed tomography is compulsory gold standard and all stroke patients in the study underwent this procedure, which could potentially facilitate better management of stroke cases. This study did not analyze stroke severity (barthel index), which can also have an impact on mortality and hospital length of stay. This data was being collected for stroke patients on the stroke unit but not on the general medical ward. In addition, unfortunately like many of the studies in developing countries as mentioned in the literature review, this study did not capture the …show more content…

Unfortunately our study did not determine the cause of stroke death due to an inability to access death certificates of stroke cases in a timely manner considering the time constraints of the study. Analysis of the death certificates would allow for elimination of the cases of death not related to a stroke and allows for examination of the cause of stroke deaths, helping to identify ways to better manage stroke patients at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Although death certificates could not be retrieved for this study, published data suggest that the mortality benefit observed in developed countries SU may be attributed to a reduction in post stroke complications. It is likely that the improved early mortality is largely attributed to better attention to the prevention of early complications of stroke such as aspiration, dehydration, deep venous thrombosis, drip site infection, and urinary tract infections in catheterized

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