Stroke Case Study Essay

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The aim of the study was to identify how physically active Stroke patients are during the acute stages following Stroke since, the amount of physical activeness in medically stable Stroke patients was identified as one of the factors crucial for promoting later stage functional recovery. In the Intensive care units and post acute medical wards studied, the amount of physical activity levels demonstrated by Stroke patients were low - provided the medical limitations. They were active only 30% of the time. The remaining 70% was spent inactive in activities like sleeping, lying in bed, chatting, watching tv, being turned, being shifted, being fed and passive exercise of the affected limb.
Factors promoting Low levels of Physical activities:
Multiple factors common in these set ups could have resulted in such low level of activity. Limiting factors in organization of Care pattern delivered to patients, influence of health care professional’s knowledge, attitudes and beliefs on physical activity, awareness of the importance of activity amongst the patients and their caregivers and lack of conducive physical and psychosocial environment to permit activeness could all have resulted in such low levels of physical activities.
Scope of mobility in ICU was limited in both the hospitals. Space to move around was very limited in one of settings while the other setting was having enough space in fact quite larger area of ICU which can facilitate mobility of the patient. But there are other factors like helpers to make them mobile as an when they want, there was no chair or stool near the patient’s bed in ICU so that patient’s relative can sit there during visiting hours and motivate and help them in being more active and mobile. Mos...

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