Strategies And Reflection Of Special Education In The Classroom

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For this presentation, we chose a lesson named “How Much?” from US Mint. This lesson is designed for grades 4-6 and utilizes real life problems on money and how to represent it as fractions decimals and percentage. We have modified this lesson in a few ways and added few accommodations to various components of the lesson to serve the needs of as many special populations as possible. In our presentation we will demonstrate instructional strategies of co-teaching such as, alternative instruction, one teach-one assist and team teaching. All of these interventions are meant to provide customized and individual attention to students with special needs in a general classroom with integration of special education. The Lesson: Everything taught in…show more content…
This format keeps students with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder at task by keeping them interested. Group work during the lesson will help develop social skills in students with Autism and Intellectual…show more content…
This repetition and recollection of information is meant to target students with Autism, General Anxiety Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities. Drawing examples to go with the definitions will help visual learners and students with Autism visualize information. For students with special needs, a WORD BANK will be provided as an accommodation. This will assist students with anxiety and memory problems feel less challenged and recall the definitions more easily and be mentally prepared for the upcoming activities in the lesson. The Activity: The activity involves problem-solving with the aid of fake money which serves as visual models. This will facilitate learning for students with Learning disabilities such as Dyscalculia, since students will be using fake money to solve arithmetic word problems rather than calculation. Using these visual cues will also benefit special populations such as ADHD, Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. The

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