Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Recieving Help from Assistive Technology or Communication Technology

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Assistive technology is technology, which is used by an individual that has a disability to allow the individual to perform roles that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to complete. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn differently than other children, often have struggle with spoken and written language expression. Assistive technologies are devices which help children with autism completes everyday tasks they struggle with. Many devices, any touch screens, like an IPad or IPhone in the use of certain applications can be used. Applications such as a touch to speak or feelings applications to help express what they have trouble communicating. The practice of combining new technology and devices will support, improve, and help a child with autism’s learning process. The use of different communication technologies provides learning materials and ideas, assist and communication in the classroom. Communication technology can be utilized effectively in teaching students with autism in an early childhood setting. Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that causes problems with an individual’s social skills and communication. There are different levels of autism. Levels of autism can be low, mild or severe, and is different in every individual. Individuals diagnosed with autism may have struggles with communication, social skill and expressing their feeling. Although there is no cure for autism, there are intervention and alternative and augmentative technologies, which can be provided for the individual in need. According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, “supporting the development and use of technology, including assistive technology devices and assistive techn... ... middle of paper ... ...ation with individuals with autism does not only involve an understanding of how they communicate but also involves an understanding of why they communicate. With the use of assistive technology devices and augmentative and alternative communication aids provides enhancement to communication of individuals. Communication Technology and other device aids in education is extremely useful in a classroom setting by helping the students with autism understand what is being taught and how to express themselves. Using aids and devices in an educational setting promotes active learning, thinking and collaboration with peers and educators and expressing ones self. The use of technology in a classroom has major impacts on students. Technology improves student’s motivation about learning and allowing students to be challenged while at the same time engaged in the course work.

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