Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning for "Doing it for Jesus Bookstore" Strategic planning cause one to be dedicated working towards having a successful business. Being a Christian and having a relationship with God, one day when praying to the Lord about having extremely bad financial problems He spoke to me and said, "As a carpenter I used my hands to work." God is tired of giving His people visions for businesses that fall through because we do not follow through. He left me with the saying, "Doing it for Jesus (DIFJ)." When I went to awaken my son for school, he jumped up and said, "Just do it momma." To me this was confirmation to start a business. When defining “Doing it for Jesus Christian Bookstore and Accessories” the consumer I hope will have a mind set of a place filled with joy and family oriented. DIFJ Christian Bookstore will be introduced to the consumer by word of mouth, web-site, and flyers to start, but the long-term plan is to have a storefront. To define the business a logo trademark is being designed which will cause for some legal activity. The products that can be purchased will include: caps, bumper stickers (advertisement), wristbands, ink pens, book page savers, and t-shirts. Once the business expands there will be other products included. Products can also be purchase during church convention at DIFJ booth and the yearly Convention Center Entrepreneur Event. Several churches have agreed to purchase products including Faith Miracle Temple Church which I am a member. However, to take the necessary steps a SWOTT Analysis is required by looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths will include good customer service, legal matters correct, maintaining continue growth, and all working for the same purpose. Weaknesses would be not supplying the customer their needs and bad customer service. Threats will include adding expenses that are not needed and not being aware of the competitors. Opportunities will be business expanding, opening more then one store, and differentiating. Let us talk a little more on differentiating. Differentiation is whatever DIFJ use to stand out from its competitors. There are three techniques that could perhaps deliver in an impact manner and attract the consumer. One is presenting a gift once a month to the 100th customer that purchases an item of $20 or more.

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