strategic analysis

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Every organisation has business model to operate with, one of the function of business model is to identify what is business strategy to ensure long term growth of organisation. Baden-fuller & Haefligar (2013) defined business model as a tool that solves the problem of identifying who are the customers, delivering satisfaction align with customer demands and needs. Business models mediate the link between technology and organisation performance and by identifying the right innovation technology also one of the business strategy to ensure openness and user engagement in market. In the case of Sony Corporation, they implemented a few series of restructuring process within the organisation to ensure long term growth by focusing on high demand products, strategic business units and focus on product development aligns with current technology. These factors has forced Sony Corporation to cutting down their cost by retrenchment certain products to ensure business sustainability for future growth and profitability. “The Pestel Framework highlights six environmental factors that affect organizational growth in particular, political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal” (Johnson et al, 2014) . This range of factors stated that the environment is not just about economic forces, there is an important non-market conditions. Organisations needs to consider both market and non-market conditions for business strategy. In practice, political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors are often related. Nevertheless, going through each of the six PESTEL factors helps raise a wide range of potentially relevent issues in Sony Corporation (Johnson et al, 2014). The environmental economic factors that give... ... middle of paper ... ...siness Group to help in business growth (Johnson et al, 2014). Making products and services available to business markets via a wide array of different channels can provide increased levels of customer choice and service. but such a wide range of channel choice and combination potential means that businesses also face the challenge of formulating strategies to achieve an optimal channel mix while avoiding conflict among the different channels being used (Rosenbloom, 2007). Sony major reorganisation plan at 2009 focused to build a new organisational structure for transforming sony into a more innovative, integrated and agile global company with its next generation of leadership firmly in place, reorganisation concentrated on the electronics and game businesses of Sony, aiming to improve their profitability and strengthen competitiveness (Gupta and Perepu, 2010).
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