Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe Case Study

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Revised Marketing Plan for Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe

Summary of Original Plan
Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe is a small chocolatier on Main Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut. They sell chocolate, candy, ice cream, and other sweet items. Because of their luxury packaging and premium ingredients, much of their current business is for gift purposes. However, people also love coming in to buy treats for themselves. The store is designed in a nostalgic manner, which appeals to the consumer’s psychological influence. Seeing an old-fashioned candy shop reminds people of a simpler time, and makes them want to make a purchase to feel like they are a part of that time. My original marketing plan for Deborah Ann’s focused on development of new products
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I focused on in-store sales and specials, as well as promotions with other local businesses, all communicated through social media. I also proposed a strategic partnership with Lounsbury House that would be beneficial to both involved parties.
Methodology of Creating Posts
My goal was to design social media posts that would be conscious of the buying behavior of consumers. Problem recognition was key here. In this case, the problem I wanted to create was a want of sweets. By using pictures of delicious looking ice cream, cookies, and candies on Instagram, I gave the consumer an idea of where they could acquire such foods, thus creating and solving that problem. I then acknowledged that consumers would likely search for and evaluate alternative options. To keep customers at Deborah Ann’s, I created in-store sales on both Twitter and Instagram that would make them feel like they were getting a
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He thought that the strategic partnership with Lounsbury House was a great idea. He even expanded the idea by proposing a bonafide catering arm of his shop. He loved the social media guidance I gave him and is currently vetting his staff to find someone who can run an Instagram account. He also liked my idea of giving 25% of sales to injured veterans.
In conclusion, the focus of my marketing plan evolved from new products to engagement of the target market through social media. While they currently have a Facebook account, it is seldom used, and it is their only online presence apart from their website. I recommended that they expand to Twitter and Instagram to optimize their online interactions with customers. I also proposed a strategic partnership with Lounsbury House, a local wedding venue. Finally, I advised Deborah Ann’s to consider a partnership with local businesses like Books on the Common to expand their customer base and their community

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