Steps of Abortion

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Steps of Abortion


(a) When a woman is expecting a baby then usually the couple thinks of

this as being good news. However, for some people 'pregnancy can be

very bad news.' This is because they think that having a child will

cause problems. Some examples of problems: a woman might have to take

a break from her education or career in order to take care of the

child; sometimes 'a woman might get pregnant without being married or

in a stable relationship'; and a woman might get pregnant because of

rape and she would not want the child because it would be an accident

and also the child will be fatherless. For a woman to give up her

child she would want an abortion.

'Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by artificial or chemical

means.' This results in the death of the foetus. Abortion is not the

same as contraception. This is because abortion occurs when the foetus

has developed whereas contraception is to prevent a woman from getting

pregnant. A way of contraception is when a woman takes pills. It works

by altering the hormone balance of the woman's body, so that she does

not become fertile. This is the safest method of contraception.

Some abortions happen naturally because the foetus does not 'develop

normally' of the mother, has an injury or disorder. This type of

natural abortion is usually a miscarriage. There are a number of

different ways of how abortion is carried out, some examples include:

· Suction method

· Lunchtime abortion

· Induced abortion

Abortion is not a simple issue. It is a very controversial issue. This

is because of all the different opinions from people. Many questions

are asked and thought about when it comes to abortion,

Is the baby alive?

If the baby is alive, then is this murder?

Does the baby have the right to live?

When does life begin?

Abortion is more about people's opinions. Different people have

different views, which is why this can cause a debate.
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