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  • Contraception

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    receive this privilege, or that allowing access to them to contraceptives will further push adolescence to sustain sexual activities. However, with today’s hyper sexualized society, it better serves the public interest to grant adolescents access to contraception. If adolescents have access to contraceptives, such as Plan B (“the morning-after pill”) or birth control pills, than the number of teen pregnancies in the nation would decrease. Furthermore, adolescents are mature enough to make their own decisions

  • The Ethics of Contraception

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    different views on the issue. Contraception is defined as any method that is used to prevent pregnancy and it can come in a few different forms. Barrier methods prevent sperm cells from reaching the ovum so fertilization cannot occur. Other methods that have received more criticism are those that use hormones to prevent implantation of the already fertilized ovum. There is also a post-coital contraceptive pill, more commonly known as the morning after pill or emergency contraception, that can be taken if

  • Contraception Coverage

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    Therefore, birth control should be 100% covered by all insurance companies. Contraception, contragestion, (preventing the fertilized egg from implantation - morning-after-pill) and the chemical or surgical induction of abortion are all types of birth control routes to prevent or end pregnancy (“What”). Contraception is the devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent a pregnancy. Contraception tends to help a women decide if and when she would want to have a baby (“What”)

  • Analysis Of Contraception

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    In this paper, my aim is to argue that Don Marquis ' claim that abortions are immoral is flawed due to the objection of contraception. Marquis ' argument is built around the idea that morality on killing a human being is not based on taking away the victim 's life but rather through taking away their valuable future. "The category that is morally central to this analysis is the category of having a valuable future like ours; it is not the category of personhood"( Marquis, 192). He elaborates on

  • Gendering of Contraception

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    Gendering of Contraception Would you like to be on the receiving end of a snakeskin condom? Men and women have been using birth control for thousands of years. Typically though if you look to the past there has been a big difference in how and why contraception was used for the opposite sexes. Focus on actual birth control in history was mainly up to the woman, while men's contraception was focused on preventing disease. This can be taken back to one of the earliest known uses of the

  • Contraception Availability

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    (“Birth Control”). Women have limitless options available to them, but they do not know it. The public needs to address the lack of awareness and help American women know their choices so they can make informed decisions. Restrictions present on contraception make it hard for women to consecutively use whichever option they have chosen. Allowing birth control and Plan B to be sold over the counter will cut down on unwanted pregnancy and abortion rates throughout the United States. Efficiency in

  • Contraception Essay

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    There are a variety of viewpoints on contraception. Most couples in modern society feel the need to control the numbers of children that they have. The Roman Church teaches that all contraceptives are wrong, for the primary reason for sexual intercourse should be to have children. However the church does not condemn natural family planning, which means that the woman is aware of the times when she is fertile and the times that she is not. There is much controversy over these views especially in places

  • Contraception In Obamacare

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    Emily Konrad 2.2.14 English Historically, religion and contraception are not things that are associated. Nowadays, many suggest that religious organizations should have to pay for all areas of their employee’s healthcare. This would include contraceptives. The Obama administration has proposed a plan that would make the insurer provide contraception for free. Many religious organizations have objected, saying it goes against their beliefs. However, the religious institution should have to pay

  • Artificial Contraception

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    There are many forms of artificial contraception. I am going to discuss some of those forms and the Church’s opinion. Condoms, or rubbers, are shaped like a balloon and are made of a special kind of rubber. Condoms prevent sperm from reaching the cervix. They are placed over the male’s erect penis before intercourse. They are 80-90% effective. No prescription is needed to use them. They protect against STD’s. They are more protective in preventing AIDS, then preventing pregnancy. They are

  • Emergency Contraception

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    Emergency Contraception There are many myths surrounding the use of emergency contraception. The question of what it is and when to use it is just a fraction of the controversy surrounding this arguably new practice. Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy after the act of unprotected sexual intercourse. It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. However, emergency contraception can not be obtained without a prescription. Why does the US government not trust