Contraception Essays

  • Contraception Defies God's Will

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    Contraception Defies God's Will The use of contraception was never as widely proclaimed and exhibited as it is now. The use of contraception has become so mainstream, that it is now “normal” for even teens to use these contraceptives. Schools promote the use of this once taboo practice of artificial birth control, and partake in the distribution of condoms amongst students. This is a clear example of how modern society and its practices can change the way people act morally and physically.

  • Artificial Contraception

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    There are many forms of artificial contraception. I am going to discuss some of those forms and the Church’s opinion. Condoms, or rubbers, are shaped like a balloon and are made of a special kind of rubber. Condoms prevent sperm from reaching the cervix. They are placed over the male’s erect penis before intercourse. They are 80-90% effective. No prescription is needed to use them. They protect against STD’s. They are more protective in preventing AIDS, then preventing pregnancy. They are not fully

  • Contraception Coverage

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    Therefore, birth control should be 100% covered by all insurance companies. Contraception, contragestion, (preventing the fertilized egg from implantation - morning-after-pill) and the chemical or surgical induction of abortion are all types of birth control routes to prevent or end pregnancy (“What”). Contraception is the devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent a pregnancy. Contraception tends to help a women decide if and when she would want to have a baby (“What”)

  • The Ethics of Contraception

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    different views on the issue. Contraception is defined as any method that is used to prevent pregnancy and it can come in a few different forms. Barrier methods prevent sperm cells from reaching the ovum so fertilization cannot occur. Other methods that have received more criticism are those that use hormones to prevent implantation of the already fertilized ovum. There is also a post-coital contraceptive pill, more commonly known as the morning after pill or emergency contraception, that can be taken if

  • Response of Law to New Technology: Contraception

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    this essay contains some citations to court cases in the USA, I provide neither a scholarly treatment nor legal advice, but only some observations and my personal opinions. Contraception In the years after the Civil War, there was a popular crusade in the USA against a variety of vices: pornography, abortion, contraception, prostitution, alcoholic beverages, etc. The result of this crusade was to attempt to legislate morality and compel everyone to obey one group's moral values. Federal law in

  • Emergency Contraception Papers

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    Emergency Contraception If women were more informed on the appropriate use of emergency contraceptive, whether they are safe and also effective, then there would potentially be a decrease in unexpected pregnancies, and abortions. Women are often uninformed of emergency contraceptives, and although the lack of knowledge is obvious among the younger population, it seem to be even more obvious in the population of women over 30. There has only been a very small amount of researches done in regards to

  • Hormonal Contraception Essay

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    Hormonal contraception refers to “birth control methods that act on the endocrine system” (Correa, Petchesky, 1994, p.3). Throughout history the development of hormonal contraception has been viewed as a wonderful, more convenient method to avoid unwanted pregnancies. This is seen to many as a positive thing for women’s equality. However, hormonal contraception has only been developed for females. Current methods of hormonal contraception have many harmful side effects that can alter the mental and

  • Contraception “WHICH ONE?”

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    Contraception “WHICH ONE?” There are many forms of contraception. Contraception is a form of birth control. Although, some methods of contraception also protect from STD‘s (sexual transmitted diseases). How well birth control works depends on a number of factors. These include medical conditions, or are people taking any drugs prescribed or not. Whether it is convenient, or if it causes any side effects. The main forms of contraception in order of the most commonly used through out the

  • Pros Of Contraception Research Paper

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    resources and services that provide information on methods of contraception. What I noticed from the majority of websites, is that they all provided generally the same information. Many of the websites provided information on the effectiveness on the contraceptive, how safe it is, the benefits, and disadvantages, how the form of contraception is used, and the cost. There seem to be quite a few resources provided on the topic of contraception, but not all provided information that was accurate, and some

  • Cause and Effect Essay - Emergency Contraception Causes Abortion

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    Emergency Contraception Causes Abortion Brown University associate professor of medicine, Ralph Miech, M.D., Ph.D., stated the abortive nature of EC in the Providence Journal on August 3, 1998: "This type of pill causes an abortion. From a pharmacologic perspective, this type of pill should be called an 'abortion-after pill'." The question must be asked: "How is this contraception?" Women are being falsely led to believe that these pills are contraceptive in nature. But one of their common

  • Why Do We Continue to Debate the Use of Contraception

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    Contraception is it right or wrong and are you to young to decide for yourself? Recently we have been hearing a lot about Contraception ad if it is right or wrong and who gets to decide. The name of the Scholarly article that I chose to write about is, (Simonds & Ellertson, 2004, p. 1285-1297) Emergency Contraception and Morality reflections of health care workers and clients. In the United States our government goes back and forth between trying to be conservative and trying to separate personal

  • Teens Should Not Have Access to Emergency Contraception

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    relative they could get advise from. Teens should not have access to emergency contraception without parental consent because teens are not mature enough to know the consequences of consuming emergency contraception, which they might regret later in life. Teens Should Not Have Access to Emergency Contraception Without Parent Consent The new drug, ulipristal acetate, also known as Ella One is an emergency contraception drug that is said to work up to five days after having unprotected sex. The drug

  • Analysis Of Contraception

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    In this paper, my aim is to argue that Don Marquis ' claim that abortions are immoral is flawed due to the objection of contraception. Marquis ' argument is built around the idea that morality on killing a human being is not based on taking away the victim 's life but rather through taking away their valuable future. "The category that is morally central to this analysis is the category of having a valuable future like ours; it is not the category of personhood"( Marquis, 192). He elaborates on this

  • Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood

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    the American Birth Control League, which eventually became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). Sanger’s actions provoked much controversy because at the time not only was contraception illegal in the United States, but it was denounced by almost every major religious denomination (Contraception History). Margaret Sanger set out on a mission to overcome first the church and then the state in order to “stop bringing to birth children whose inheritance cannot be one of health or intelligence

  • Natural Family Planning

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    Failure of Planning Are modern forms of contraception naturally and morally wrong? Pope Paul VI and his Humanae Vitae declare that technological methods of birth control are immoral and should not be practiced by Catholics. However, as our modern society illustrates everyday, this opinion is inappropriate for not only the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church, but also for non-Catholics. According to Munich Archbishop Cardinal Julius Doepfner, “Contraception is not intrinsically evil” (The Politics

  • Abortion in Australia

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    appropriate time, or in the case of rape, put the past behind you and move on. Society has attached a stigma to abortion. When we hear of women having abortions, we seem to automatically think that she wasn’t careful enough, or she didn’t use contraception. We forget to stop and think about the other possible reasons she may have accidentally become pregnant. Just forgetting to take one pill per packet can reduce it’s effectiveness and also taking anti-biotics, or being ill can also undermine

  • Religion Should Be Banned

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    Religion Should Be Banned Catholic-Protestant killings in N. Ireland, Hindu-Sikh-Muslim massacres in India, Orthodox-Catholic-Muslim horror in Yugoslavia. Branch Davidian cult tragedy in Waco, Texas. Nevertheless 9/11, WTC tragedy in N.Y. Thousands or shall I say millions have died over the years over such conflicts. All these conflicts were caused by one common factor: RELIGION. The website defines Religion as being norms, values, or a way of life to an individual or community

  • Abortion is Seriously Wrong

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    Unplanned in fact that a contraceptive failed, or may not have been easily accessible: uncontrolled in the sense of factors being greater than limited contraception. Abortion has been performed in many clinics as a treatment for unfit or unhealthy women, and for women who may have been molested or raped. Abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of contraception, nor should women’s lives be sacrificed to bear an infant before morally ready to commit. If a woman is raped, and the outcome incurs pregnancy, then

  • Contraception Essay

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    There are a variety of viewpoints on contraception. Most couples in modern society feel the need to control the numbers of children that they have. The Roman Church teaches that all contraceptives are wrong, for the primary reason for sexual intercourse should be to have children. However the church does not condemn natural family planning, which means that the woman is aware of the times when she is fertile and the times that she is not. There is much controversy over these views especially in places

  • Steps of Abortion

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    means.' This results in the death of the foetus. Abortion is not the same as contraception. This is because abortion occurs when the foetus has developed whereas contraception is to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. A way of contraception is when a woman takes pills. It works by altering the hormone balance of the woman's body, so that she does not become fertile. This is the safest method of contraception. Some abortions happen naturally because the foetus does not 'develop normally'