Statement of Purpose for UNC Charlotte for the Computer Science Program

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Statement of Purpose

I am fascinated by technology and especially with computer from my childhood days I got my first PC Compaq-Presario Pentium-3 when I was in my 4th grade which gave a new direction to my life. I always have a habit of ripping things apart to understand how it works and what makes it work I did the same with my new PC on the second day and discovered many important things about it and in few months I figured out how all components in computer works. As I progressed, I discovered software is more fascinating and complex and have limitless applications in every field we can build a software to virtually do anything. I started to learn C, HTML so I can develop applications, I still remember my first program in C on addition of two numbers and my first developed application Scientific calculator as I progressed it became my passion and I have decided to pursue career in Computers.

My curiosity and passion for Computers and its working and thirst to develop new software application and urge of working on new technologies propelled me to undertake Diploma program in Computer Technology from Shreeram Polytechnic which I passed with score among top 10 percent students in the state and have been awarded as Best overall student of the year in my final year of diploma. After which I perceived Engineering in Computer Science at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, affiliated to Mumbai University accredited as ‘A’ grade college which I completed with a first class. I was awarded with many scholarships in my academic career for my achievements in second year of Engineering I received Prestigious JRD Tata scholarship for my entire tuition amount and in third year Rotary club scholarship of half of my tuition fees and Mahalax...

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...ons and concepts by combining the three together.

I believe I can deliver the goods, for I am undoubtedly committed to my chosen field and in order to foster my goals of designing state of Software applications and understanding the advance ordeals in Algorithms, Networks and Database management and operating systems I believe that UNC Charlotte is an ideal choice. It would hone my technical knowledge, provide me with an innovative attitude and the opportunity to study some of the most technologically advanced courses under the guidance of the most reputed faculty members. The research labs at UNC Charlotte with its cutting edge research would be an ideal place for me to be a part of the challenging projects and would surely be an experience of a lifetime. I eagerly anticipate the decision and hope to be at UNC Charlotte for the fall 2014 Computer Science program.
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