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I have always believed to set a goal, focused on it, achieve the goal and then again set another goal to achieve that. With the work experience of two years that has imparted the basic skills and knowledge of the professional field; I would like to put my next step to achieve my goal by pursuing Master degree in Computer Science.
I have done my schooling from ST.JOSEPH’S HIGH SCHOOL which was one of the best Christian Minority institutions located at Kothagudem, Andhra Pradesh, India .I was strongly motivated to pass my tenth class exams with over 77 percent marks. During my early ages in school, I was introduced to MS Office and basic language on how the computers can be used and programmed. After I entered the high school, I was made known with languages like ‘C’ and HTML on my personal interest. During my schooling I even participated in many extracurricular activities specially in football. which fetched me to become captain and represent my team in South Zone National Foot Ball Tournament from my university
After successful completion of school studies I got admitted to krishnaveni junior college, which is one of the most reputed colleges in Andhra Pradesh. I obtained over 75 % marks in the plus two exams.
Computer Science is a further step to mankind. After completing my under graduate study in Biotechnology Engineering, I worked in a One small Government Social Organization where I got chance to hone my mind in the computers field. Working as a System Admin mainly in the database field i have maintaining the Data of Organization my main assignments were to handle the information in a systematic and secure way. And here where I knew the importance of the data and data turned information. My...

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...ave a strong belief that one of the most important elements in pursuing a successful academic career is to have a good mentor who can closely guide you academically, and as a person, as well.
I have achieved every success through strong willpower and persistence. I believe that life is a long journey and my present application for the University, arguably the best university in the world, is my new attempt to scale new heights. In order to develop software by a computer/software engineer he/she has to know about processing data in an accurate and systematic way. And I know the Master degree in Computer Science provides the kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking and undo my insular prejudices that might be still prevalent in me.


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