Statement Of Purpose For The Master Of Science In Computer Science

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Name: Nabeel Asif Major: Master of Science in Computer Science Working in the field of computer and Information science with the help of technologies like .net, C#, SQL, Artificial intelligence and robotics for last 2 years and having an academic background in engineering propels me to acquire higher academic experience and advanced academic research relevant to the work and interest. Computer Science is a unique field that changes expeditiously and infiltrates every other science. It is permeating each and every other field around. It provides one of the best ways to have an impact on the world. There is no other field through which you can touch so many lives with just one software or application. It is not all about programming or mathematics. It is the notion of discrete mathematics including logical and…show more content…
The challenges in high school helped me to develop a strong capability for analytical and logical way of thinking. This was manifested in my work experience where I have worked on various projects to solve problems and my bachelor’s where I have done exceptionally well in courses related to discrete mathematics, algebra, statistics, computer programming. Though I have good understanding of various technologies in this field but master’s degree will enable me to acquire much more profound understanding and to make much more significant contribution in this field. I was intrigued by physical science when I was in middle school. Soon thereafter, devising and building electronics and electrical circuits started as a pastime. During my school days, my father had a restaurant which was damaged by fire and few people were badly burned. Though he used a much more sophisticated system after that incident but I build a smoke indicator which sense gas and alert people by alarm to offer help. This convinced my
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